attractions1Any one who has been blessed with the privilege of visiting Smyrna know, that Smyrna is home to some the most beautiful sites in the world. You can take a ride and enjoy gorgeous, vibrant fall foliage; you can kick back and enjoy a wonderful brilliant, dazzling setting sun over Mount Katahdin. You can take a day to enjoy the scenery of picturesque working farms dotting the countryside complete with cattle grazing the hillsides. You can spend a day at a three-generation family run maple syrup operation. Alternatively, you can step back into time while visiting an Amish Settlement. At the end of the day, you can settle down to watch the luminous, beckoning, dazzling Northern Lights put on a breathtaking display.

If taking wildlife pictures is more your style – you can take a ride and you might see – spotted owls, moose, deer, bear, fox, turkeys, eagles, coyotes, wolves, beaver, blue heron, mallards, ducks, pheasant and partridge to name a few, but not all. In the spring, you can visit downtown Smyrna and feed the one hundred plus deer that gather annually.

For activities you can canoe or kayak the beautiful pristine rivers and waters of Smyrna. You can spend a day hiking the Appalachian Trail through Smyrna – let your hike take you to the Merrill Millstream Park or the old granite quarry of Smyrna. You can spend a day picking fiddleheads and fishing along the shores of the rivers and streams, enjoying a scrumptious meal on Mother Nature, or you can go hunting in the wild woods of Northern Maine.

If you are not a hiker, but would like to see what the area has to offer, take the scenic, well-groomed snowsled trails in the winter or ride the ATV trails in the summer. Smyrna welcomes hikers, snowmobilers and ATV riders.

attractions2In addition to the many outdoor activities Smyrna has to offer, we have organized athletics for all ages. Men's and women's softball in the summer, men's and women's basketball all year. Children can participate in girl scouts, boy scouts, softball, soccer, basketball and baseball through out the year. We belong to the Oakfield Community Center which offers weekly live entertainment and a place to walk inside for exercise twelve months a year. Smyrna offers an annual outdoor Christmas party for all ages. Local merchants decorate the town beautifully with wreaths, dickens candles and a "village tree"; townspeople gather to sing Christmas Carols as Santa passes out goodies to the children.

Whether you are looking for a place to visit, live, or work, Smyrna is a very low crime, family oriented, pro business community. We offer fresh air, clear skies and unspoiled natural beauty all four seasons, we are a very friendly, neighborly, caring community.