amish1While visiting Smyrna, you will no doubt hear the clippity clop of horses trotting down the road. In 1996, a group of Amish families settled in Smyrna. This is a unique community settlement within a community. To drive through this section of town is like stepping into the pages of history. The families living in this settlement do not use electricity, or modern equipment. Horses are used for work and for travel. A horse drawn buggy full of children or a horse drawn wagon full of hay or lumber is a common site in Smyrna and the surrounding area.

The people are hardworking, industrious – creating several profitable businesses in Smyrna during economic challenging times. The business include, but are not limited to: Metal Shop - metal roofing and metal buildings, Sturdi Built – wooden buildings that can be used for camps, barns or storage sheds, Merri Gold Greenhouse, a leather goods and harness shop, a furniture shop, a bicycle repair shop and a general store. The general store is a joy to visit. The store has everything an old time general store would have – gum rubbers, canning jars, cast iron fry pans, books, bolts, food, and lanterns to name a few items.

While keeping in their own community for school and church – the people are neighborly, friendly, hardworking, and honest. The children are polite, well mannered and friendly. This growing community is a beehive of activity during the day and they welcome the public to visit their businesses and share in their church meetings.

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